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Welcome to the Royal Automobile and Autoduelling Club

It is the year 2055. The Great Scourge, a virulent disease that induces violent psychosis in those who survive its fever, has swept through the world. Entire communities were destroyed and those that survived withdrew into themselves, distrustful of strangers and fearful of anyone who may be carrying the infection.

Great Britain is no more, as the country broke into eight independent territories. London maintains a strict quarantine, protected by the Great Wall built inside the M25 and completed at ruinous cost in 2047. Across the country, the Motorway Patrol struggle to keep the main roads open. Away from major roads, only the most heavily-armed dare to go.

Welcome to the Royal Automobile and Autoduelling Club, the organisation dedicated to keeping the roads open and communication alive.

This site is dedicated to Car Wars, the autoduelling game of the future created by Steve Jackson Games.

Latest additions
7th November 2055
New vehicles added: Police Interceptor (special), Ironbridge Interceptor (special)
28th August 2055
New vehicle added: Black Maria (special)
24th August 2055
New vehicles added: Prudence (estate), Snake (trike)
23rd August 2055
New rules added: travelling long distances
20th August 2055
New vehicle added: Cutty Sark (mid-size)
17th August 2055 New fiction: Thirty Seconds
For full details on the latest news, fiction, vehicles and rules, visit the What's New page


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